Spotify Re-design

Mobile Application Design

An assignment assigned to use during our Mobile Application Design module was to redesign our favorite app by adding a new feature and/or improving the UX design.

I chose Spotify as my favorite app as i use it everyday..By using Figma and Screencasitify i will demonstrate how my new feature would look on Spotify.

Home Page

These are the familiar screens you’d see upon opening Spotify.

I’ve added a feature “Local” where Spotify uses your location and provides you with: venues, what’s on, events and local artists in your area.


By clicking on Venues you’ll be bought to the following pages.

Here you can view popular venues in the local area, see what events are coming up, find a route to the location.

In the events section, the user can go find local events in the area, from here you can click on the “shopping cart” button which brings you to a page where you can enter your card details and pay for the tickets in app.

Below is a walk thorough video of my re-design.

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