The making of our group video project on the Hunt Museum


Firstly, i’d like to thank The Hunt Museum and our Interviewee for allowing us to use there organisation as part of our video project.

We(students) were assigned into groups to create a short video based on a local organisation, trust or a charity. A busy schedule of the initial organisation allowed for flexibility in choosing our organisation.

Our chosen organisation was the Hunt Museum. The Hunt Museum holds a collection of over 2,000 original artifact, gathered by John and Gertrude Hunt during their lifetime. The collection includes artwork from the great Picasso and Jack B Yeats. A landmark in Limerick City.

First initial contact of The Hunt was made via telephone by me, our arranged interview was 10 o’clock the next morning, an excellent response rate. We met with the Education Adviser Assistant of The Hunt, we then recorded our interviewee using a microphone. We asked questions like ‘how does your organisation support local communities?’ and ‘what are your UN sustainable development goals?’. After we recorded our interview, our interviewee allowed us to have a walk a walk of the Hunt Museum.  We then video’d a walk through of the collection which we then played with recorded interview on top. This allowed us to create a visual and educational representation of THE HUNT.




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