Climate Change


Image courtesy of: The Journal.

The bane of humanity. Will there be an end? and if so, will it likely be as a result of our own doings? There is very little impact an individual can do in his/her attempts to tackle this global crisis, so whats the point in doing any? when you have. Mass Cor-operate Industries profiting from the cheap over use of fossil fuels and  in protecting co-operate interests.Cuts on global organisations whose primary concern is about the care of our planet and forfeiting of environmental agreements to maximize profit margins for the privileged.

My own personal attempts to combat the crisis include switching reusing bottles for drinking and making food at home, to cut back on packaging, I have also switched to organic fruit and vegetable eating them raw or boiled which has minimal packaging wastage and carrying around my goods in my backpack and not plastic bags. I have also made my bicycle my main source of transport, getting me too and from work and university, averaging about 10-15 kilometers a day. That’s 10 * 365 = 3’650 kilometers a year of distances i travel, causing little or no effect at all on our planets Eco-system.

Us as humans on this dying planet must take it upon yourself to help preserve our earth.Recent figures show that 98% of Irish citizens have switched to recycling. Which is great news! However recycling contamination is still a huge problem, by putting the wrong things in the green bins, ruining the materials that can be reused. According to Citizen Information recyclable materials include :-

  • Plastic Bottles
  • Glass
  • Aluminium
  • Paper
  • Food Tins
  • Textiles

With advent use and encouragement on the topic on recycling and climate care is and an essential part of setting the correct mindset for the generations of humans still to come and call this place home. Do it for them, not yourselves. Because preserving humanity should be a common interest shared by people in all corners of planet Earth.

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